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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not a good day to be a dog! Ha.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We got to go to a birthday party for a princess friend of ours...at a fire station. J had a lot of fun looking at the big fire truck. It was also very educational for me to hear some tips on fire safety at home. What a great idea for a kids birthday party!

J with the fireman's gear.

J and Em on the front of the truck.

J and one of his best friends, E.

Sitting in the cab of the big fire truck.

All the kids got fireman hats.

Fireman Pat put on all his gear to help the kids see what he wears when he fights a fire. Also, he helped them see that they don't have to be afraid if they ever need a fireman's help.

Fireman Pat crawled around and gave everyone a high five...Even Em gave him five!

Climbing on the fire engine with his cousins.

Back at the Princess' house we had cake and ice cream. Em played with the ball and fed Dan some Teddy Grahams.


A little bonus....Em giving J a kiss...so sweet.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

If It's going to snow...let's at least play in it!

When J saw that it was snowing, really snowing, he got really excited! I got him some new Light-Up Spider Man snow boots at Once Upon A Child (love that store!) and he's been anxious to try them out. So last night after dinner we let him go out while Ryan did a little shoveling....
Here he is at dinner already geared up to play in the snow....and yes, he spent the whole day in his pjs...he did wear more clothes to go outside.
I love how my camera captured the falling snow in this one. And J's face says it all...

I thought this bird was crazy...why are you here bird?? Fly South! Anyway, it seemed content to sit on our patio chair, so I took a picture.

Still counting down the days until Spring. Winter just isn't my time of year!

Trains Trains Trains!

Anyone who knows J knows how much he loves trains! Earlier this month, Ryan took him to the fair grounds where they were having a huge model train exhibit. They had a great time!

Of Course, they had tons of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, so J got to have some hands on fun playing with the engines.

There was also a train ride for the kids.

Looks like they had some fun father-son time!
(I'm a little jealous.)