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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Etsy Mother's Day to me!

I just got my Mother's Day present delivered. Yay!!! I really wanted something that would remind me of my kids. I also wanted to make a socially responsible purchase that I felt really good about. Plus I've been searching for a while for a silver bangle bracelet.
I found exactly what I was looking for over at one of my favorite websites-Etsy.com ! This site is dedicated to providing a place for crafty people to sell their hand made treasures! I fell in love with a bracelet at one of the online stores...Silver Cloud Studios. Originally this bracelet had an XO, but I just emailed the seller and asked if I could personalize it with an E and J. She said no problem! A week later I have a hand made bracelet (great price by-the-way) that will remind me of my two little treasures every time I wear it (which will be all the time!).

Thank you to Ryan and my babies for the sweetest Mother's Day present. And thanks to Maggie at Silver Cloud Studios for my bracelet. I love it!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

10th Anniversary Cruise

We just got back from celebrating our 10th anniversary with a Royal Caribbean 5 night cruise. We had the best time! The food was awesome, the weather was perfect (HOT!), great entertainment, yada yada yada. We'll definitely cruise again, we loved it!

This is the port in Fort Lauderdale.

Exploring the ship while waiting for the departure.There was an acrylic platform that jutted out over the water. It was kind of freaky to stand on. Our first night at dinner.

The ship was so pretty. This is the main atrium.
Formal night was so fun! I loved getting all dressed up.

We didn't really spend any time in the casino but I did want to play the slots. I only put in $5, it's a good thing because it doesn't look like I'm very lucky. Our dinner companions, however, won the bingo jackpot and some diamond jewelry....I guess they were the lucky ones!

In the evenings at dinner the dining room staff would sing for us. It was really fun and we had a great waiter and assistant waiter all week.

This is the bay at Grand Cayman. There is a pirate ship docked there.

Our ship-The Enchantment of the Seas anchored in Grand Cayman.

I said hello to this parrot and he said hello back. Then when I tried to get a picture with it, it bit my hat and hair. Naughty bird.

On the beautiful beach in Grand Cayman.


We took a cruise out to snorkel in the coral reefs off the coast of Jamaica. We enjoyed the snorkeling

The Montego Bay airport is right on the coast of Jamaica, so planes were landing right over our heads. It was pretty cool.

The dining room on the ship was called My Fair Lady. There was a huge bronze statue of Eliza Doolittle, so naturally I had to have a picture with it.

We loved eating in the informal dining room right at the front of the ship. This was our view one morning at breakfast.

The ship had a rock climbing wall so we decided to give it a try. I got panicky and only went about 2/3 of the way up. I wish I would have made it to the top.

Ryan scurried right up the bell...didn't seem like too much of a challenge for him.

Our final evening to get dressed up.

Bonus....our stateroom attendant would make us towel friends each night before we returned to our room...quite talented!

This one had us puzzled but Ryan guessed it right....

Alien from Men In Black

Couldn't figure this one out either....

found out it was a polar bear?

A baby chick....this one was so cute I almost put it in my suitcase.

Good bye Fort Lauderdale! Beautiful view from the airplane.

We had such a great time! But we were so happy to get home and see the kids. We missed them so much! Many thanks to Ryan's mom and dad for taking great care of them while we were gone.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day! It started with 2 dozen beautiful white and pink roses..... Plus we had Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast! Yummy. And my babies made me cards!
Then we headed to Trinity for the worship gathering. While we waited for daddy to be ready to go, J played this box drum. Of course, he wanted his picture playing the drum....

We played around with the camera a little bit. Got a good shot of mommy with the kids thanks to the self timer on the camera.

I thought it was cute when Em had to sit on the stairs just like her brother.

The reason I get to celebrate this wonderful day.....
After the gathering we headed over to Aunt J and Uncle A's for a great lunch. It was delicious and Jen made a cake that I'm going to dream about tonight! It was great to hang out and celebrate with family and good friends.

Happy Mother's Day to all our mommy friends and family!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bunny Haven.

We have some visitors in our yard....adorable baby bunnies. We also have a long patch of grass that we've agreed not to mow...the bunny haven.

Thank God we don't have a dog anymore.


Just pics....kids growing.