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Saturday, November 29, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

I love, love, love having a Christmas tree up in my living room...if it were up to me it would be lit up 24/7, and we'd go broke from our electric bill. I never feel like it has enough lights though....
Our tree leans toward the whimsical side...a favorite with the kids. I have vivid memories of our family tree growing up and especially my grandma Whitten's tree (the most glorious Christmas tree a child could imagine. 2 words: Bubble Lights!) I have ornaments on my tree that were on her tree and our family tree. I cherish them! I hope my kids grow up loving our tree and remember it always!


Courtney and I hosted our first, monthly girls' Pokeno night! We had a blast with the fun and easy game...add in some yummy hors' devours and a peach bellini and, well, you get the picture! I'm looking forward to our January Pokeno night!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Visit.

We are enjoying a much needed and much anticipated visit from my mom, sister and nephew from Missouri. It's really fun becuase J gets to play with a boy his age! J and E are having a great time so far. Today we went to a McDonald's Playland and the boys had a ball....

I swear, a moment earlier they were smiling and laughing...

Em enjoyed some tasty fries.

Afer McD's we went over to Whole Foods where the boys rode in the car-t. They were going crazy and getting LOUD in the store! Boys...

Here's a little bonus pic..we volunteered/attended a fundraiser this week where Adam Vinateri of the Colts was the speaker. I'm not one to run up and ask for a picture so I just took one from my seat. It just so happened that our friend Adam Haffner was in the pic...it's a good pic of Adam.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's a little video that proves our little girl is growing up. She's been confidently walking now for a couple of weeks. Just growing up too fast...

We found out that she's a fan of powdered donuts...who isn't???


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

This was a very busy, but very fun Halloween. First, the weather here was awesome! It was a beautiful warm and sunny day (Thank You, Lord!) you couldn't have asked for a better fall day for some Halloween fun!

First, we started the day off at a Halloween Costume Playdate, and I hope this is a new tradition because it was really fun! A great way to get A LOT of kids together in their costumes to have a blast! We played outside, had story time, held a costume parade, did crafts and ate a great lunch with friends and family.

Our good friend, Beth, holding the sweetest little clown!

Not a whole lot of smiley pics from little clown baby, but I'm glad she kept her wig on for a few pics.

She really loved sitting in the leaves.

One of J's best buds came with us to the shindig. Superhero buds!!

After a ton of fun at the playdate we headed home and put Em down for much needed nap. Then we carved our pumpkins. J didn't like getting all messy, so I did most of the work while he played with a near by lady bug.
Before the carving...

He had to stick his hand in at least once for the photo op...yukky.
The "after" shot. We did a Happy Jack and a kitty cat. Lit up at dusk...spooky. Trick or Treat!!
The moon looked like the Chesire Cat's smile.

J and E opening their goody bags from Gam and Papaw.
Yummy crunchies...Em's favorite.
We ended the day at another Halloween Party.

There was a lot of dancing going on and J can really cut a rug. Check out this video of his killer moves!

October was a really fun month...let's see what kind of fun November holds. We're looking forward to Thanksgiving and a visit from Grampa Sonny and Nanny and then....the Christmas Tree!!!