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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who is this kid?

So we got J's 1st grade pictures back and my reaction was, "Wow! Great picture buddy! Good smile!" I mean, I did pay about $16 for a 3x5 and 2 wallets, so I was relieved that they came out good! [don't get me started on the rip off that is "school pictures"!] But it wasn't until Ryan brought home his kindergarten school picture that it hit us! He's growing up! Just look for yourself....

[The big pic is just 1 year ago. My baby boy...off to school!]
This year he's sporting a much more "mature" spiked hair style now, but the shape of his face has totally changed too! From day to day I just couldn't see the changes. But when a side-by-side comparison like this smacks you square in the face....it's kind of sad, no? I guess this one of the harder parts of parenthood....sigh.

* * * * * * *
On a brighter note....Ryan and I got to go out on a DATE last night! A real, bona fide date! We hadn't been out on a date since before we went to Ethiopia to get Des about 3 months ago! It was great...except for the first snow of the season! [Not a flurry...full fledged SNOW! Pretty? yes. Welcomed? NO!]

We had a gift card to Canal Bistro in Broad Ripple so we had a deliciously free dinner [with coffee and dessert...baklava..Mmmmm!] Then we attended a house concert for an awesome/folksy/indie/sounds-so-good artist/friend, Bob Stamper...you can check him out yourself [here]. We also ran into our good friends, Amos and Crystal, which was a bonus because the only thing better than a date with your husband would be a double date with these two!

A special thanks to Gam and Papaw for coming to our place to watch the kids so we could remember what it is like to eat a grown up dinner!

[The only picture from my magical evening is this one of Crystal and I, but I'm posting it because A. she's pretty and totally blog-worthy. AND B. can you see that beautiful baby boy in her arms??? He is 1 of 2 and so precious!! ]

I think that we may host a house concert for Bob...it would be SO fun and I think it would boost our cool factor, don't you? Will you come?

Monday, November 1, 2010

..Just Treats!

Yesterday was Desi's first real experience with an American "holiday". When we celebrate Halloween around here it's just fun costumes, pumpkins and family....not all that scary stuff. [No skeletons, corpses or haunted houses.]

We took the kids over to Aunt Jenni and Uncle Andy's neighborhood to trick-or-treat with their cutie cousins and then went over to Gam and Papaw's for a family dinner. I really enjoyed it this year! I loved having the family together! Especially since the kids had some much fun with their cousins!

Our little African Lioness got to do a little trick-or-treating and was very good at saying "thank you" when she got a piece of candy.

Super Mario and the Princess were old pros!

This isn't necessarily my favorite holiday to celebrate [I'm pretty sure it's in the top 2 for the kids!], but it was a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure Desi never experienced anything quite like it in Ethiopia!