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Friday, April 8, 2011

One Year Can Make A Big Difference....

Today marks the 1 year anniversary since we saw this sweet little face.....

Of course, looking at this picture brings up some strange feelings. We knew nothing of her except for the small amount of information that our referral offered. A beautiful tiny little girl, just 14 months old. She weighed less than 17 pounds and was 28" tall. She was a bit older than we were expecting for our referral, but we prayed and talked about it and decided that we accept the referral and make her ours!

For the next 3 months we could only imagine about what she was like. We really knew so little. We only received one update on her the whole time we waited!

So what kind of difference can a year make??? Well, she saw Dr. O. yesterday for her 2yr. Well Baby Check-Up and all I can say is...this girls is definitely getting adequate nutrition!!! She now weighs 30lbs!! That 75th percentile, people! She wasn't even on the chart when we took her in for her first visit in August! She is now 34" tall, which is 25th percentile, so she's a shorty.

So here she is today...a sweet, cheerful and LOVING little girl! And her new birth certificate arrived too with her new official name!

You gotta love the fro!