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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Day Out with Thomas

Well, it finally came. The long (2 months actually) awaited Day Out With Thomas. We took Jake, left Em with aunt Jenni, Uncle Andy and the girls, and headed out east for Connersville, IN for the event. It was really fun. A life size Thomas the Tank Engine rolls into the station and we get to go for a ride in his coaches. There were other activities for kids too and despite the very hot, very humid and a little rainy weather, we had a great day especially for Jake. A day to remember.

I caught the kids looking out the window at daddy while he mowed the front yard. I thought it was so cute.

Little sis got these sunglasses from Gam and Papaw a while back.

...like a little movie star. So glam!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Fun Evening with The Girls

Tonight we babysat our twin neices. It turned out to be a beautiful evening so we spent a lot of it outside. We played out back on our patio, went to our neighborhood playground and even fed the ducks. We wrapped up the evening by getting into our pj's and watching some Boz the Bear. (I put on Veggie Tales, but for some reason it really freaked Jilly out.) I hope the girls slept good after all that! I had to catch a few candid shots of the kids playing together. It's so fun to see them play together now that they are bigger. And I know that there are certain family members who cherish the pictures we post since we can't be together all the time. So here's a simple Saturday evening.

This week to got to have our friends over for a swim date. The boys had a great time splashing and playing. We even had our whole neighborhood pool all to ourselves! It's always great when Jakey gets to hang out with the boys. He's a man among many women in our family.

Today, the Shannon's hosted a shower to celebrate our sister-in-law and our soon-to-be born niece. It was a great time spent with friends and family and Jen got some great stuff for the new baby.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love Windows Moviemaker

I've had to learn to use Windows MovieMaker to make my pics and videos small enough to upload to the blog. You can do some fun stuff with it. I made a couple "movies", they're really just slide shows, but I had fun making them.

Emily is getting her teeth now. She's got two on the bottom. They're hard to catch a glimpse of, but when she's in a good mood, she shows 'em off pretty well.

We installed a wide baby gate between our family room and kitchen because Em wouldn't stay out of the kitchen. Jake can get through it, but Em just stands at it fussing, like an adorable little prisoner.

One day Em and I were both wearing our white shirts so I just had to take a few pics of us together. We both had ruffles on our sleeves.

Happy summer everyone!

Love, S

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today is Father's Day. I love this holiday because I've been so blessed to have a great relationship with my dad and I've experienced the joy of seeing Ryan be a great father to our children.

So, Happy Father's Day! to my dad, (Love You!), To Ryan, (I'm so thankful for the great daddy you are to Jake and Emily) and to all the dad's who are celebrating today!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Play Date

I loved this picture that was taken at our playdate this week. When I look at it I can really see how much they look alike. Can't you?

The kids and I had a fun playdate on Monday. It was great to get the kids together. I hope we can do this more often this summer.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Catching Up.

Things have been busier lately and I haven't had time to post new pics that I've taken. Here is a slide show that includes some shots around the house, Papaw's birthday, Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, and some miscellaneous.

The kids are just growing like weeds lately. Everyday Emily changes and reveals new surprises with what she can do! She's completely mobile now crawling everywhere...fast. She's pulling up now too. Her tooth finally erupted through the gum and the latest is that she's saying "mama". I can't completely tell if she means it, but I'd love to think so!
Take care, all.
Love, S