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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hair! Not sure I'm ready for this!

So, during the months before we left for Ethiopia to get Desi, I spent a lot of time thinking about her hair. ...did a little research, but mostly just felt like I was going to be totally inadequate with her hair! Now, you may not know this, but I am not a fussy mommy. I will ALWAYS choose comfort and ease over frilly and fussy. Emily hates for me to even touch her hair, so even if I wanted to put bows and pretties in it, she wouldn't let me! I suppose I'm the reason she got that way....I digress.

So, back to Desi and wondering what I would do with her hair...well, when we got to Ethiopia the point became moot [or at least delayed] because here's how she looked.....
One one hand..."whoa! they shaved her head! Was that really necessary? How will anyone tell that she's a girl?"
[the answer is, yes, it was necessary...she had ringworm on her scalp. ew.]

On the other hand..."well, at least I don't have to cross that bridge right now!"
So we started from scratch.
6 months later we have a HAIR DO! It's not much, but it's the first time I've gone beyond a hair band!
I know this is just the beginning....pray for me!

[by the way...it's really hard to photograph little afros! these are the best of about 15 shots I took! ]

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Ali Freudenthal said...

I'm so proud of you! I love it! I am a little jealous! I want to do black girl hair!!!:)